¨I have given everything to the mountains, and in return, they taught me that service to others is the path to self revolution”



From harsh summit days on Everest to rock climbing in sunny Europe and everything in between. Regardless of how crazy or improbable is your dream, together we can find a way to make it happen. Always top notch logistics and state of the art planning.



The mountains are masters that are constantly teaching me lessons about life and how to face the hardest moments. I’m always open to share these lessons with organizations looking to find motivation and inspiration in these experiences.


From basic techniques that will keep you alive in the mountains to the most complicated big wall techniques. I can organize clinics and courses tailored to your needs and goals.


High altitude/wilderness production services. Let me help you tell your story in a way that very few can.  I have participated as cameraman, logistics organizer and production manager in various films around the globe.

Here are some examples:

Eddie Bauer: K2 Breathtaking

From Core to Sun

Sport Center Special: Everest

Más alla de una cima


My skills and training to climb the hardest mountains gave me the opportunity to learn high rope access in urban and wilderness areas too. I work with a team of  professionals in the field, from hanging publicity in high ceilings to building facade maintenance. Give me a shout and let me know your needs.



Years of experience in different environments all around the world give me the confidence to give you expert advice for your upcoming adventure. Regardless of the style and goal, I can give you world-class advice about the strategies, logistics and resources for your own journeys.